Always Anjali

What’s in a name? If you are a child of immigrants growing up in the America, apparently everything.

I remember spending a lot of time obsessing about what I would name my first child. Indeed, all first-time parents obsess over finding the perfect name for their child. But we faced a particular challenge being Indian. After all, hadn’t we had enough of our names being mispronounced? Weren’t we tired of spelling out our long last names only to hear the other guy say “am sorry, could you repeat that”?

Maybe we should do our kid a favor and just stick to two syllables so the name would be easy to pronounce. There were certain letters we would have to avoid…those soft d’s and soft t’s that native English speakers never seemed to be able to pronounce….those were always going to be a problem. And we would have to be careful to avoid giving the child a name that would mean something totally gross in another language or which kids would make fun of.

Wouldn’t you know it? We ended up falling in love with a name that broke almost all our rules.

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